WHJ_3601006 MIYOSHIKIKU 720ml

Warehouse Japan / 株式会社 ウェアハウス・ジャパン

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Warehouse Japan / 株式会社 ウェアハウス・ジャパン meticulously selects from among breweries throughout Japan along the themes of “vintage,” “house style,” and “terroir” to create sake for long-term storage. We currently store 6 brands, but one in particular that we would like to present is Miyoshikiku brand, which was awarded the gold prize in the category of [[[純米吟醸]]] at London Sake Challenge 2018. The distinctive merits of Miyoshikiku sake are its aroma and tartness; the overwhelming fruitiness, created using only Tokushima rice, koji, and water, is almost magical.

Components: Rice, rice koji, water

Prefecture of production: Tokyo

Sake category: Junmai Ginjo / 純米吟醸

Theme: Awarded sake / 受賞酒

Taste positioning: Smooth refreshing sake / 爽酒

Dry / Sweet: Medium sweet / やや甘口

Alcohol degree: 16%vol.

Polishing ratio: 55%

Sake Meter Value: -3

Acid levels: 2.2

Choice1: sake rice: Yamada-nishiki / 山田錦

Choice2: yeast starter: Sokujo-moto / 速醸系

Choice3: pressing: Nakakumi / 中汲み

Choice4: charcoal fining: Muroka (None) / 無濾過

Choice5: dilution: Genshu (none) / 原酒

Choice6: pasteurization: Unpasteurized sake / 生酒

Choice7: storage: Stored in freezing temperature / 氷温貯蔵