Mikadomatsu | Junmai 720ml

Matsuoka sake brewery / 松岡醸造株式会社

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Established in 1851, Matsuoka sake brewery / 松岡醸造株式会社 has been making sake using spring water from the Chichibu mountains. The brewery has 8 year consecutive no.1 gold winner sake brewery of the national sake awards competition. Because the spring water is hard water, containing calcareous substances, it includes a large quantity of components necessary for the growth of yeast, without including substances like iron and magnesium that inhibit growth, making it the perfect water for brewing sake. Among the sake distilled by Matsuoka sake brewery / 松岡醸造株式会社, we especially recommend the unpasteurized junmai sake made from newly harvested rice. With the freshness of the rice, and its refreshing scent, this sake has the characteristic of going down smooth, while retaining a rich dryness. The aroma is similar to that of a Muscat grape.

Components: Rice, rice koji, water

Prefecture of production: Saitama

Sake category: Junmai / 純米

Taste positioning: -

Dry / Sweet: -

Alcohol degree: 18%vol.

Polishing ratio: 70%

Sake Meter Value: 5

Acid levels: 1.7

Choice1: sake rice: -

Choice2: yeast starter: -

Choice3: pressing: -

Choice4: charcoal fining: -

Choice6: pasteurization: Once / 一回火入れ

Choice5: dilution: -

Choice7: storage: -