Eikun | Junmai-daiginjo 720ml

Eikun sake brewery / 英君酒造株式会社

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This raw-stored sake by Eikun sake brewery / 英君酒造株式会社, which was established in Shizuoka prefecture in 1881, is brewed using the original, Shizuoka-developed sake yeast and features a delicate flavor and aroma. It won’t wear out its welcome as a sake to accompany a meal. This "Eikun / 英君 | Junmai-daiginjo” is only distributed to retailers who will handle it properly and is quite hard to obtain.

Size: 78 x 78 x 295 mm

Components: Rice, rice koji, water

Prefecture of production: Shizuoka

Sake category: Junmai Daiginjo / 純米大吟醸

Theme: Awarded sake / 受賞酒

Taste positioning: Smooth refreshing sake / 爽酒

Dry / Sweet: Medium / 甘辛

Alcohol degree: 15.5%vol.

Polishing ratio: 40%

Sake Meter Value: -1.5

Acid levels: 1.3

Choice1: sake rice: Yamada-nishiki / 山田錦

Choice2: yeast starter: Sokujo-moto / 速醸系

Choice3: pressing: Nakadori / 中取り

Choice4: charcoal fining: Muroka (None) / 無濾過

Choice5: dilution: Diluted / 割水あり

Choice6: pasteurization: Once / 一回火入れ

Choice7: storage: Stored in freezing temperature / 氷温貯蔵